Past Work

Material Territories, University of Minnesota School of Architecture (2010)

Material Territories features investigations of innovative material applications in contemporary architecture that disrupt conventional thinking about material processes, design, and construction. The essays were contributed by the following students for the graduate seminar “Material Strategies,” led by Blaine Brownell at the University of Minnesota School of Architecture in 2009 and 2010: Solomon Atta, Justin Berken, Andrew Blaisdell, Skip Carlson, Peter Costanzo, Katy Dale, Nate Dodge, Molly Eagen, Josh Ekstrand, Jennifer Garman, Tony Harrington, Aric Larson, Mark La Venture, Peter Leahy, Alison Markowitz Chan, Engy Michael, Jack Northrup, Tim Ogren, Lane Warren Rapson, Nathan Roisen, Britt Schwager, Greg Schwartz, Piseth Tep, James Thompson, Elizabeth Turner, Allison Verdoorn, and Ahti Westphal.

A low-resolution pdf of the book with formatted spreads may be downloaded here. Physical copies may also be ordered at cost in color or black & white.

Sample Essays

Jack Northrup, “The Disruptive Application of Cross-Laminated Timber as Load Bearing Structure: The Stadthaus at Murray Grove
(example of a focused case study)

Elizabeth Turner, “Harnessing Decay for Preservation: Planned Oxidation in Wood & Steel
(example of a comparative case study)

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