Perforated Mineral Facades:

Perforated Facades:

Decorative protection

Facades have played an important role in the history of building and construction. The façade is the likely first interaction that a visitor will have with a building. For this reason the treatment of the façade is critical. Ductal is a company that makes interesting building envelopes and facades.

In addition to the architecture perception the building envelope has a technical role to play. The perforated facades that Ductal makes are similar to a concrete mixture. Mesh and latticework designs permit a double skin for building, which simultaneously filters light and helps regulate climatic factors. With the ability for the concrete to be so thin it is easily attached to and positioning in front of picture windows. The mineral materials that the panels are made from allow and supports vegetation and allow plants to fasten and climb correctly.

This façade is able to be made between 7-9cm thick (almost 3 time thinner than conventional concrete). The material is resistant to external and environmental abuse such as abrasion, fire, freezing or thawing. The material is water resistant make it an efficient external insulating material. In addition it durability and low maintenance ensure a favorable Life Cycle Assessment.


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