Breaking out of the mold

If you has to sum up the world around us in four letters what would you say?

Any guesses? ….


Things we design, print and make are always in one way of anther a combination of those four letters.  Designers have to be innovative to be successful.  How can we be innovative with CMYK?  Patrick Wilson seems to have found an answer that I thoroughly enjoy.


Patcrick Wilson is an artist who lives and works in Los Angeles and works by exploring the realm of mid-century modernism.  His work explores color blocking combinations and show us just how innovative you can be with CMYK.  His work is showcased at Hirschhorn and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.


Patrick’s technique involves using five colors and using a dry wall blade to drag the color across the canvas.  Through his dynamic way of working he chows us how effective layering can be.  His layering system gives an unreal sense of depth that is truly amazing.


Patrick’s technique of layering can and should be applied to everything that we design. Artists and designers want to keep evolving and continuing to develop new ways to be innovative.  In an older post I talked about how innovation isn’t only the shiniest and newest product.  Innovation can be pulled from the world around us and can be inspired by things that already exist and thinking about how to arrange them differently.  Patrick found innovation within CMYK simply by testing out new laying systems.  If we as designers can understand that simple concept the ideas will just keep flowing!


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