MAT_MACROSCALESERIES: [2 OF 2] EWHA/FUKOKU – Building: as an urban EXPRESSIVE surface

Project: Fukoku Life Osaka Tower Building

Architect/Designer: Dominique Perrault


Features: Concrete structural system – Metal Glass Facade/ Curtain wall system

The Fukoku tower relationship with the city is of an expressive notion.  Taking the inspiration of a gigantic tree whose roots propagate on the ground surface, the tower’s podium dematerializes itself into the urban fabric.  As the structure rises, the building surface alienate to receive the clear blue sky.  The contrast between the project’s podium and tower is a building envelope upward transition of metal glass facade to a curtain wall system.  This tension between the visuals effect of the structure coming out of city’s surface to meet the Osaka’s sky in a elegant and sleek gesture makes the Fukoku toward a long-lasting landmark to be seen and experienced.

Site area: 41,979 sq.ft.

Built-up area: 737,328 sq.ft


  • office space
  • university laboratories
  • office lobby
  • commercial area
  • underground parking


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