FLOCK [>from typical – innovative surface>]

FLOCK [>from typical – innovative surface>]

Material/application: FLOCK

Designer: Speziell Studio

Sources: http://www.speziell.net/

Featured material:  Flocks (plastic or natural fibers) – surface coating

In 2003, Speziell Studios unveiled the great potentials of the typical flock surface coating.  I was not only fascinated by the product capabilities but also ashamed of not being aware of it for the past eight years.  Therefore, I had to considerate it as a definite blog material.  Most of us are used to seeing this material being applied in the inside of jewelry boxes or in emblems of sportswear products and advertizing labels.  But seeing flock applications on a different products disrupting not only conventional standard fabrication systems but also creating potential of minimizing the use of material components and product weight, was to say the least extremely ingenious. Flock is the resultant process of depositing many small fiber particles onto a surface and it’s applied through a process known as electrostatic adhesion.  Adhesive is applied to the surface, then the surface is applied with negatively charged fibers that are automatically aligned upward due to the electrostatic charge of the material.  Demonstrating the flock properties and capabilities in the following products will show its versatility and great future as a sustainable measure.

  • these jewelry rings (shown above) shows the flock versatility in design, safety, comfort, and material.  [design] providing an array of colors and configurations – [safety] the flock surface placement according to the design could avoid potential injury cause by the material’s edge against the skin and could also provide scratch free material options – [comfort] whether the flock surface is place on the whole ring’s interior or only at its edge, both provided multiple comfort levels for appropriate fingers articulation and movement – [material] the flock surface technology could be applied to almost any surface allowing for a variety of different materials selection.
  • as a wallpaper or table surface design, allows: for easy to clean options with its water resistance properties, and an array of shape/form/colored design.
  • this cabinet uses flock surface to slide drawers, reducing noise and completely eliminating the use of mechanical metal/aluminum carriers/runners.

Now, as a future sustainable measure, lets imagine how much metal/aluminum components could be reduced and/or eliminated by using flock surfaces.  And, flock fibers could be produced by natural and man-made fibers proving potential for biodegradable future applications.

Synthesized features:

– Properties:

  • almost weightless
  • pleasant feel to touch
  • easy to clean
  • water resistant
  • extremely durable
  • tolerant to food bacteria

– Applications:

  • almost on any surface


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