Greetings to the Sun


Greeting to the Sun was designed by Nikola Basic and sits in Zadar, Croatia adjacent to the Adriatic Sea.  In the evening the circular plate becomes a glowing surface the shifts dynamically through time.  It incorporates PV panels in between layers of glass that gets lit by LEDs from below.   Each plate is arranged into a 22 meter diameter circle that represents the sun.  Other circular plates are integrated into the sidewalk at a distance that is proportional to their distance from the sun.  The installation along with Sea Change has created a newly activated public area in the city.  In addition to being a tourist draw, the installation produces 46,500kW a year.  The energy generated powers the light installation in addition to the entire seaside park at night.

Greetings to the Sun is not only an example of a beautiful integration of PV cells, but also how art can be an activator.  When talking about the GreenPix in class this week, we all commented on how the façade seemed much like a giant billboard waiting to happen.  GreenPix and Greeting to the Sun share remarkable similarities.  Their respective orientation, horizontal or vertical, is their biggest difference.  Greetings to the Sun, however, has been remarkably more successful.  It has transformed a surface traditionally walked upon into a highly productive space, both in terms of its energy production and social implications.

I love this example for how it transforms PVs from something we stick (hide) on rooftops to a highly visible and successful display.  Projects that make technology accessible and beautiful are also what will drive its acceptance and push innovation even further.



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