TERRAMAC [living_3Dcarpet]

TERRAMAC [living_3Dcarpet]

Project: Time of Moss

Designer/Artist: Makoto Azuma – AMKK

Sources: http://www.azumamakoto.com

Featured material:

TERRAMAC [living_3Dcarpet]

Perhaps the best way of welcoming the outside/inside could be by means of a biodegradable carpet.  But not like any other carpet, this might include a particular contour or resemble your favorite scenic landscape inside your own habitable space (home or office).  Time of Moss is a collaboration by Japanese plant artist Makoto Azuma and Unitika company.

Terramac is made out of a 3D-knitted mesh plant-based polylactic acid fibers that supports the plant’s root system.  It is completely biodegradable that could last approximately 10 years.

Synthesized features:

– Properties:

· natural/biodegradable, light, and durable

– Applications:

· Interior Design/Architecture/Art_Exterior/Interior

(Pictures by Makoto Azuma & Unitika)


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