B(h)uis by Hoogte Twee Architecten

The B(h)uis by Hoogte Twee Architecten is a small 2 to 4 person pavilion built in Lent, The Neatherlands in 2009.  It is a temporary and experimental structure that is made entirely from recycled PVC tubes stacked and arranged in a cube.  The cube appears to be carved-out to create the main living space including two seating areas and a table surface.  The tubes are stacked in a similar fashion to solid stone or brick but unlike stone, there is a visual and occupiable void.  This horizontal orientation of the randomly sized and colored PVC tubes allow for different levels of transparency and privacy within the cube. Although a temporary pavilion, this experiment seems to be rather successful.  It illustrates how scrap and recycled materials can be reused in an interesting and innovative way to create great spaces.  The idea could also directly relate to creating housing in developing nations by using seemingly useless material that could be lying around anywhere. If the idea were to be pushed further, different ways of weatherproofing the structure may be considered.  The orientation of the tubes lends itself to wind and breeze considerations as well.  Ways of insulating the tubes could be explored, or glazing strategies could be experimented with and uti­lized.  This system may also lend itself to ease of installation of various utilities like electrical and other types of wiring. http://inhabitat.com/mesmerizing-cube-pavillion-made-from-mundane-pvc-pipes/bhuis-3/ http://www.archdaily.com/77487/bhuis-hoogte-twee-architecten/


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