RELIGHT [eco-lightbul_ fabric]

Project: Undisclosed US Army tent prototype

Manufacturer: Grado Zero Espace


Featured material:

ReLight [Eco-lightbulb fabric]

A new-generation light designed fabric based on electroluminescence technology.  First developed entirely for military purposes, this material is made up of glass fibers with micro-coatings of conductive polymers resulting in a cold-light source with great flexible characteristics and harmless for tactile applications.  This material properties will allow complete reduction of needed light fixture assembly and a great sustainable future application for lighting measure in exterior and interior conditions.  it will replace the fragile mercury-laden fluorescent tubes used by the military today.  The new panels will not need to be packed in heavy protective crates, but instead will be attached to the inside of a tent.  No assembly/disassembly required; the lighting collapses and is packed along with the tent.

Synthesized features:

– Properties:

·        light, durable, and flexible
·        resistant to extreme conditions, perforation, abrasion, torsion, and compression
·        does not contain mercury or any other toxic chemicals

– Applications:

·        Architecture
·        indurstrial design
·        fashion design
·        security/safety

– Specifications:

·        colors: white, yellow, blue, red, and green
·        power: 25-50W
·        efficiency: 1.5-4 lumens/W
·        panel: 31.5″x40″(800x1000mm): 10.5oz (300g)
·        passed flame test, ASTM D6413-99


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