X.LEYKOS – Wood + Light

Imagine a filtered glow reminiscent of the sun penetrating through the trees when walking through the woods. This glow is unique; natural, warm, filtered, and captivating. There is nothing that can duplicate this experience of light play however, methods are being used to bring a soft, natural glow and also contemporary vibes to interior spaces through the use of back-lit wood veneers.

Materials like X.Leykos, designed by the Italian based company Menotti Specchia, brings in our natural surroundings in a way that can be articulated more naturally or applied in a designed/techie way. The composition of the designs can be programmed to create images, patterns or left simply to highlight architectural elements within a space. The patterns are also interchangeable and can be customized to fit individual styles and needs.

Whether using the modular panels for wall or ceiling coverings, screens, partitions, centerpieces, wall displays, furnishing highlights, or backdrops, this product is incredibly simple and easy to install. The variety of panels that are designed to create the broad vision are modular and movable, therefore making it easy to edit the design and feeling of the space. The LED Technology is incorporated within the panel and is what generates the pattern within the module.

This light is capable of transforming wood from vernacular and traditional to contemporary and interactive. Both images of spaces using X.Leykos panels are examples of how wood and light can play a role in modern technology, transforming the natural essence of wood into a methodical and light transmitting system.


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