Translucent Concrete

Walking through dynamic concrete spaces at varying times of the day will tell you a lot about the chameleon-like attributes of the material. Concrete is an incredible light absorbing/reflecting material. It is able to take on the light around it, changing the mood of the space. Natural light will allow the material to be bright and clean while artificial light (depending on its wattage, lumens and color) can reflect its blue, yellow or pink variance to create light play of color and shadow.

The way light reacts with a concrete surface is modestly noticeable. The evolution of this material exposes ways in which light becomes a new element within the mix and takes the chameleon-like attributes to a new level; LiTraCon.

The Hungarian Architect, Áron Losonczi, invented LiTraCon—a concrete mixture that, through the use of small optical fibers within the aggregate, allow for light to travel through the wall. Because the glass fibers are parallel in position, the light is transmitted through the wall, remaining nearly unchanged on the shadowed surface. The optical fibers within the material matrix have no effect on the load-bearing capabilities of the concrete while allowing for the thickness to be several feet without changing the light intensity or color.

Can you imagine the possibilities of translucent concrete?


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