Ceramic Façade Cladding

Faces offer many benefits to traditional stone and façade options. Stone as a building material has been with us throughout history. This option for a façade is more economical and better for the environment. The amount of material used to produce the façade is significantly less than that of a traditional brick façade.

This dynamic façade has the opportunity to add unique and original façade options. Fachada Impresa is on of the company that offers this service. The image is integrated into the manufacturing process of the printed face. This ceramic cladding on the building has the possibility to incorporate optical effects of materials and textures. This simple and dynamic technique has the possibility to add interesting visual and programming applications to almost any surface.

In addition to the application of texture and image, this material has the option of being installed naturally. The natural color of the tile is very interesting and still adds a lot of visual interest to the façade.

The exterior insulation helps to maintain stable indoor temperatures in both the summer and the winter. In the summer the ceramic tile will reflect most of the heat away. In the winter the internal bearing wall acres as a thermal mass for indoor heat.


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